She Will Have My Baby If... 

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93% 920 000 65 000

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.



14. avg. 2020

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DrDURRR Pred 16 urami
Well, the video is at 920k views. Logan, GET F*CKING!
Immanuel Morsy
Immanuel Morsy Pred dnevom
get popin
Tebi Martz
Tebi Martz Pred dnevom
2021, me waiting por the baby after this video hit more than 900k comments
Sergio Navarro1
Sergio Navarro1 Pred 2 dnevi
2021: Where the kid?
Huzivn Plays
Huzivn Plays Pred 2 dnevi
if what paul IF WHAT
Aaron The a
Aaron The a Pred 2 dnevi
Bradley martyn
Dwayne Watters
Dwayne Watters Pred 3 dnevi
@Logan paul where da baby bro🤣
Steve Ogbimi
Steve Ogbimi Pred 3 dnevi
Where is the bABA
yeah tbh.
yeah tbh. Pred 4 dnevi
03:26 is his gf?
Minhazul Abedin
Minhazul Abedin Pred 5 dnevi
where is your baby..!? 😠😡
Colman Pred 6 dnevi
Logan *lots of great wrestlers* James Charles *ok sister pay up*
Tobioni_97 Pred 7 dnevi
Soooo.... how about that baby?
Dylan Cottle
Dylan Cottle Pred 7 dnevi
Yo Logan’s assistant said your life is ruined
Music Kid
Music Kid Pred 8 dnevi
Thegamemaster12 Pred 9 dnevi
JMCD7901 Pred 9 dnevi
mr millionaire at it again destroying a 400 dollar instrument. (no hate intended.)
Misael Valenzuela A. (Hackeado Papuh)
Waiting for the baby 😁🤞
Elmt TraAVic
Elmt TraAVic Pred 10 dnevi
wolftrovert naga
wolftrovert naga Pred 10 dnevi
I feeled pity for that child.
Jordyn Murphy
Jordyn Murphy Pred 6 dnevi
Arnav Srinivasan [Student]
evans bong bigger than him deadass
DERP O SAURUS Pred 10 dnevi
bro. you have to be a new kind of crazy to dislike a youtube video
بم باستك
بم باستك Pred 11 dnevi
هاذ عربي
juan cruz moreno
juan cruz moreno Pred 11 dnevi
Lille si lo buscaste porque pelea
JayBiccs Pred 11 dnevi
Meem. 28
Meem. 28 Pred 12 dnevi
م شـي عرب؟
CyedY Pred 12 dnevi
Zackery Copeland
Zackery Copeland Pred 12 dnevi
jame charels would snap like a twig
Twitch Alex_23FTW
Twitch Alex_23FTW Pred 12 dnevi
Umm looking back yea almost a mil likes so we’re expecting a baby soon
Dat Hockey boi
Dat Hockey boi Pred 12 dnevi
Almost 1,000,000 likes
Dat Hockey boi
Dat Hockey boi Pred 12 dnevi
Boy where’s that baby
Brady 4076
Brady 4076 Pred 12 dnevi
Where is that CHILD?
Sprinkle Donut
Sprinkle Donut Pred 13 dnevi
3:32 awwwww
Scottish Darts Reviews
Just keeping an eye out to see if he has an announcement video about him and his future girlfriend having a baby 2021 Logan: I fucked up big time
AJ Muskitta
AJ Muskitta Pred 13 dnevi
this vid has more then half a million likes, where the fuck is the baby
2a Pred 14 dnevi
What was o. That paper?
Will M 15
Will M 15 Pred 14 dnevi
AS a trombone player no just no
Kliff FN
Kliff FN Pred 15 dnevi
Where is the baby
Haloklaws Edwin
Haloklaws Edwin Pred 18 dnevi
4:24 she seriously said your life is ruined .LMAOOOOOOF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Makaner huff
Makaner huff Pred 18 dnevi
Barron jr Eduardo
Barron jr Eduardo Pred 18 dnevi
Start clapping
Anirudh Nakarmi
Anirudh Nakarmi Pred 19 dnevi
Where is your Baby
Crxft_ Pred 20 dnevi
Where's the baby at
Shelly Heisler
Shelly Heisler Pred 20 dnevi
Looks like your having a baby
speed chase
speed chase Pred 21 dnevom
Now he has to get a baby
Devany Horvath
Devany Horvath Pred 21 dnevom
You are so cool 😎
_Mocha_ Pred 22 dnevi
Guys... I’m a trombonist 😂
Ellis Jones
Ellis Jones Pred 22 dnevi
I used to play trombone 😭
Lucas Wong
Lucas Wong Pred 23 dnevi
When Logan say who created the trumpet it must be his ancestors
Lilminidude626 Gaming
Lilminidude626 Gaming Pred 24 dnevi
He just got a bong chillin
vivon lobo
vivon lobo Pred 24 dnevi
were is the baby ?
{BSONURYT} Pred 24 dnevi
Kral be adamin dibi
meetfloodwac Pred 24 dnevi
Me watching this as a Trombone players : 👀
Enrique Villarreal
Enrique Villarreal Pred 24 dnevi
916k likes Where is the baby bitch
Enrique Villarreal
Enrique Villarreal Pred 24 dnevi
Forgot they broke up
B D K Pred 25 dnevi
bro logan you got 916k likes where is the baby I know you and josie broke up but you made a promise hahahah
The kids survival guide
Me watching this nine months later with it having 90,000 likes
dutchchamp94 Pred 26 dnevi
Logan you still havent made a baby with josie i feel scammed
Julian M Griffith
Julian M Griffith Pred 27 dnevi
Well guess Logan is a baby daddy now
ZachRidez Pred 27 dnevi
lmao in the beginning when he was showing the people who wanna wrestle him ben askren responded 😂
Boomers629 Pred 24 dnevi
LMAO I SAW THAT AND I WAS LIKE “oh well Jake already beat him to it😂”
Mayank Kataria
Mayank Kataria Pred 27 dnevi
where's that baby now though you got 500k
Ronin 17
Ronin 17 Pred 27 dnevi
Haha love how evans bong made an appearance
Alejandro AlvarezQQ
Alejandro AlvarezQQ Pred 27 dnevi
qt Itachi
qt Itachi Pred 27 dnevi
LOL 915k likes logan
Jack Pritchard
Jack Pritchard Pred 28 dnevi
0:26 James fucking Charles
dean Lockett
dean Lockett Pred 28 dnevi
It's not even lockdown and I'm chilling with lps vlogs
CRooper Pred 28 dnevi
logan where the baby at?!!!! you have over 500.000k!!!!!!!!
Hype Leaf
Hype Leaf Pred 28 dnevi
logan the like is almost a mill and where is ur baby?
Anderson Wong
Anderson Wong Pred 28 dnevi
915 K likes, road to the second baby
Alien Ninja Dude
Alien Ninja Dude Pred 29 dnevi
915 k likes
Edison Culen
Edison Culen Pred 29 dnevi
At 0:28 Ben askern challenges him to a match
Radin Naderi
Radin Naderi Pred 29 dnevi
Yo I think the baby is on the way
MissStitch66 Pred 29 dnevi
get another tho that looks like maverick so that bird can have bf/gf 😂 also i cant wait till he has a kid😂
1904 Pred 29 dnevi
900k and ion see a mini Logan 👀👀
NotEvilGaming Pred mesecem
yo where the baby at bro
Jaylin Hayward
Jaylin Hayward Pred mesecem
get to the baby nowwwww
Rl Pro (Super soccer_24)
Almost a million likes
Chase Yang
Chase Yang Pred mesecem
If you guys made a baby 10 months ago, Logan should have been a dad rn
TattedBoi Pred mesecem
Logan actually thinks he's a good wrestler too...smh this dude will lose to Floyd Mayweather and still be like "I'm the champ I could whoop anybody in a boxing match"...yea did anybody see his boxing the Gronk brothers hahahah most embarrassing thing I've seen in a minute and he actually decided to put it on SLtv too
TattedBoi Pred mesecem
It's so creepy how much he wanted to have a baby with a girl that he was with for months they didn't even last a year....your a sociopath I swear nobody gonna let there daughter have a baby with you
Ashton Smith
Ashton Smith Pred 29 dnevi
How is wanting a kid creepy. How dumb could you possibly be
Connor Maddox Wrestling
Do this wrestling thing and wrestle Ben Askren
tanish kamma
tanish kamma Pred mesecem
Were is the baby?
BlumlemannYT Fortnite
when does we se the baby
Sammy On1
Sammy On1 Pred mesecem
Wrestle James Charles 😈
Evan Peck
Evan Peck Pred mesecem
900k likes hmmmm if we get to 1 mil likes they will have two babies😁🤯
Courtney Knight
Courtney Knight Pred mesecem
Looks to me like y’all gotta have a baby
Ryset up
Ryset up Pred mesecem
where is the baby its one mill like
Immanuel Sam
Immanuel Sam Pred mesecem
0:26 the fact that James Charles challenged Logan…. The world ended.
Little Mangz
Little Mangz Pred mesecem
Ben as keen challenged as well
Lorenzo Peria
Lorenzo Peria Pred mesecem
What happened to half a million likes?
Simpman777 Man
Simpman777 Man Pred mesecem
Where's da baby
halewijn vanbiervliet
Where's the baby at
Madhava Pred mesecem
913k still no baby
Edvards Kļava
Edvards Kļava Pred mesecem
where is DaBaby
krimmi* Pred mesecem
3:20 A bong on the table
Saransh Regmi
Saransh Regmi Pred mesecem
Where the baby at?
Jamie Wieczorek
Jamie Wieczorek Pred mesecem
i dont wunt to
Jamie Wieczorek
Jamie Wieczorek Pred mesecem
I will dox im a girl JK
wgw gaming
wgw gaming Pred mesecem
Looks like he needs to have a baby it almost at 1 mill
Brooke Diamond
Brooke Diamond Pred mesecem
Me, a trombone player for 6 years: o_o
Neshijs _
Neshijs _ Pred mesecem
Its almost 1mil likes you will need to make 2 babies
Nahum Frew
Nahum Frew Pred mesecem
ben asren lost the match lmfao
SSOR Pred mesecem
i just realized after watching this 8 months later. they got a bong next to Evans computer 😂😂😂
Kizzy Webb
Kizzy Webb Pred mesecem
Lmao 😂