I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card 

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96% 520 000 20 000

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.



14. okt. 2020

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Jack Moore
Jack Moore Pred 3 urami
Where’s ginger the giant
Rad Shahamath
Rad Shahamath Pred 6 urami
Why he bought that card, he could have print a copy.
PRANEEL AV Pred 11 urami
pawnn stars
Milton Sierra
Milton Sierra Pred 16 urami
Bro remember when people played for them and if they lost they would take the others Pokémon now people just do that over Pokémon go
ZzolllozZ Pred dnevom
I have a chazard gold edition. I sell it for 5000 $.
Gtd Trr
Gtd Trr Pred dnevom
A 150,000
paavo lähde
paavo lähde Pred dnevom
there is lana lol
Denryl Lumasag
Denryl Lumasag Pred dnevom
I dont use my money for card hahahaha because card cannot eat if your rich you can buy what you want🥰🥰🥰
MultiStack Pred dnevom
Also not a thick stamp lmao
Shan Gill
Shan Gill Pred dnevom
Look at the waiste when u could be giving too the poor Nd making peoples dreams come true ..there's people in other countries that could never even start a SLtv career like u... They can't even afford there dinner tonigh let alone the electricity to charge a camera or laptop
Daniel Alimonti
Daniel Alimonti Pred dnevom
how to you now if it is orange if you or collard blide no hate
Rbb pri
Rbb pri Pred 2 dnevi
The savory notify hypothetically sound because router proximally analyse midst a scarce sausage. callous, talented piccolo
Alber Pred 2 dnevi
When your realize Lana is sitting on that couch. O_o
Stormy Garmers
Stormy Garmers Pred 2 dnevi
Who would bye that
Nick Mead
Nick Mead Pred 2 dnevi
Congrats bro. Nice score. So glad i still have my childhood base set pokemon collection.
Corey Hunt
Corey Hunt Pred 2 dnevi
Gray has a nice soul
Janet Pedersen
Janet Pedersen Pred 2 dnevi
I got Venusaur V for that trade
Humzah Hashmi
Humzah Hashmi Pred 2 dnevi
Gary needs security guards around his house
Kerry-Anne Pred 3 dnevi
The power of YES 🌟
Melvyn Foo
Melvyn Foo Pred 3 dnevi
Lmao it’s just a pokemon card. What’s so nice and expensive about it?
Aj Isaac
Aj Isaac Pred 3 dnevi
sarhadninja Pred 3 dnevi
Lol lol😜🤪🤨🧐
Name “Name.”
Name “Name.” Pred 4 dnevi
i hate that girl she sips and dont care, sorry bad ingliciii
Chad Pred 4 dnevi
And he went on to wear that card before he fought mayweather
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes Pred 4 dnevi
if i was logan a i would have directly flew and meet the pokemon card factory owner who is producing those stuffs lol
Luca Ilham
Luca Ilham Pred 4 dnevi
Logan Paul I got the first edition Charizard
anthony svaldi
anthony svaldi Pred 4 dnevi
lmao all the frickin simps in the comments i hate logan paul btw
Julian Granados
Julian Granados Pred 4 dnevi
why are they so expencev
bruhh Pred 4 dnevi
So did you give him the money ?
hello11111 Pred 4 dnevi
Logan Paul: 150 k investment = 1.5 million + return
Cody Van Sise
Cody Van Sise Pred 4 dnevi
This shit is fake :)
Gaëlle Sounad
Gaëlle Sounad Pred 4 dnevi
bonne journée au gens qui cherchent un com français
Luis Gutierrez
Luis Gutierrez Pred 5 dnevi
Bovika Ayemi
Bovika Ayemi Pred 5 dnevi
For one card that amount of money wtf
이상준 Pred 5 dnevi
형졔들이 쌍으로 곤방지네 ㅋㅋㅋ
Brian Heermans
Brian Heermans Pred 5 dnevi
And now Logan has his own BGS 10
Lal Pu
Lal Pu Pred 6 dnevi
That old man i dont know his name but it is hard to PICK THE POKICARD OR THE 150 000
DOUBLE-R 20 Pred 6 dnevi
Gary V?
God Pred 6 dnevi
its funny how he keeps 10+ million worth of cards in a box on a shelf. Should put it in a safe at least.
Alber Pred 2 dnevi
@TheSîñîstér sîegé He should sell'em and buy a 10 million house.
TheSîñîstér sîegé
It should be in a vault
Tik tok slowed music
Hey Logan I don’t think you would see this but I will offer my PSS 10
big daddy coool
big daddy coool Pred 6 dnevi
Logan, thats how I fell about my sports card collection. Thank you so much for bringing attention to the hobby. God bless you and your brother on all your hard work and success. Much love and prayers from Canada!
big daddy coool
big daddy coool Pred 3 dnevi
@Kristina Ragland Mostly pre 1987 hockey with special care towards Gretzky and Lemieux. Also have some pre-1960s boxing and old baseball.
Kristina Ragland
Kristina Ragland Pred 3 dnevi
What sports cards do you collect
Leanne Lucas
Leanne Lucas Pred 6 dnevi
Did you win the fight
michael levering
michael levering Pred 6 dnevi
FUck you
Jesse Montero
Jesse Montero Pred 6 dnevi
Your my hero brother..all your vids are fucking hilarious hahaha
Ting-Jui Chou
Ting-Jui Chou Pred 6 dnevi
RESPECT! The experience is more valuable than the price.
Alexander Sanchez
Alexander Sanchez Pred 6 dnevi
Who’s here after he made it bgs 10
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams Pred 7 dnevi
Now worth £1,000,000
Void_Kid23 Pred 7 dnevi
i have really old cards mint condition and they are rare dm me
Matteo Bordin
Matteo Bordin Pred 7 dnevi
Quanto è figa Lana
TheFish6060 Pred 7 dnevi
Worth $500K now
HM 9130
HM 9130 Pred 7 dnevi
Just came here to laugh at Logan 🤣🤣
Relaxrr Pred 7 dnevi
Michael DeppeCarter
Michael DeppeCarter Pred 7 dnevi
Capitalism sucks.
jetman189 Pred 7 dnevi
If he still said no, Logan would be like "ok Lana do your thing"
Marco Gross
Marco Gross Pred 2 dnevi
Michael Law
Michael Law Pred 3 dnevi
Will Johnson
Will Johnson Pred 7 dnevi
imagine logan 3 years ago having this conversation. he’s so much more mature now
iRan Robledo
iRan Robledo Pred 7 dnevi
Deberías conocer escorpión dorado en mexico
João Phelipe Jp
João Phelipe Jp Pred 7 dnevi
O use to have this first edition charzard card back in middle school in ny !!
Monkeys Uncle
Monkeys Uncle Pred 7 dnevi
To think I sold most of my cards for cheap and I had all the originals 🥲🥲
Qwakk Pred 7 dnevi
yo isthis a movie
Thunder Rhodes
Thunder Rhodes Pred 7 dnevi
I hate that I didn’t hate this video. 😒
Krissy Fortney
Krissy Fortney Pred 7 dnevi
Logan I got this at bargain box it’s a Venusaur base that too
GHOTI GUY Pred 7 dnevi
7:49 logan like all cute is that a yes?
Luke Richard
Luke Richard Pred 7 dnevi
Letssss goooooo
NebraskaSeemsNice Pred 7 dnevi
“Im done buying things that won’t make me money” Jake Paul felt that one
Дмитрий Годын
What am I missing here? Why would someone even had a 2 second response to this offer?
Jafar Hussain
Jafar Hussain Pred 8 dnevi
Imagine you lost it
Lyle Rice
Lyle Rice Pred 8 dnevi
Hes nice
Lyle Rice
Lyle Rice Pred 8 dnevi
He should
m3rcurii Pred 8 dnevi
who here is watching after seeing the BGS 10 at the logan vs floyd fight
robert jones
robert jones Pred 8 dnevi
Holy shit in 7 seconds he fell down!
if i saw it / si lo viera
La puta madre porq no esta traducido
Joboi Last night
Joboi Last night Pred 8 dnevi
Lana secretly gave a bj for that
Naithen Levinston
Naithen Levinston Pred 9 dnevi
Yo Logan fight my cousin please
Rocky Esterline
Rocky Esterline Pred 9 dnevi
What the f is this Pokemon chain
Christicus 101
Christicus 101 Pred 9 dnevi
Who is here after he fought Floyd Mayweather!
Mathias Dirix
Mathias Dirix Pred 9 dnevi
This video made me cry.
Bee Honey
Bee Honey Pred 9 dnevi
I know Rick feels stupid right now he didn't buy for half a million dollars now it's worth five million dollars got to catch them all
Berlin Naijo
Berlin Naijo Pred 9 dnevi
And it is his lucky charm now ❤️
Zorcore Music
Zorcore Music Pred 9 dnevi
You ruined the game for us, hope you're happy
MOthelover177 Pred 9 dnevi
Stfu Logan u ain’t shit u no boxer or a Pokémon expert
Sprayter Pred 9 dnevi
Dude this is hilarious. When I was younger I had one of those charizards.... My folks might still have it stored somewhere LOL
Tj Javier
Tj Javier Pred 6 dnevi
Goooo look for it! 😁
les couz M&Z
les couz M&Z Pred 9 dnevi
This money tou spent is it your money or the money of SLtv
Ashleigh Godina
Ashleigh Godina Pred 9 dnevi
He should take cash and MRS RHODES!!!!!
Marc Avila
Marc Avila Pred 9 dnevi
He weared it and now it worth so much
Fernando Jimenez
Fernando Jimenez Pred 9 dnevi
lol how he will feel bad about that with $ 150 K for piece of paper xD
javier ortiz
javier ortiz Pred 9 dnevi
Is this the same card he wore at the fight did he open it and then send it to becket 🤔
Rishii Negi
Rishii Negi Pred 9 dnevi
Just spend some money on ur beard
bob debiasi
bob debiasi Pred 10 dnevi
And here I am, happy just to have a1999 base holo charizard psa 4
Tatiana Class Martinez
Hi Logan, nice to meet you. I work in Mega TV in Puerto Rico in the TV show Mega Noche con Hector Marcano, an icon in the latin tv and we want an interview with you to talk about your boxing an youtube career and how do you feel about represent Puerto Rico.. let me know if you are available in this email meganochetv@@t
Cat Terpil
Cat Terpil Pred 10 dnevi
H ey budy ,give a hundred dolar to this poor man ...
Silgrim Marak
Silgrim Marak Pred 10 dnevi
They went to professor Oak's grandson Gary to collect his charizard
Nxy Pred 10 dnevi
Lol he dropped all the money on pourpose 💴 💰
David Smith
David Smith Pred 10 dnevi
not smart keeping them on a shelf in his house.
Stephen Stumbke
Stephen Stumbke Pred 10 dnevi
There are children going hungry in the World and you are proud of this you self obsessed *****
Carter Lahey
Carter Lahey Pred 10 dnevi
Is nobody gonna talk abt how Lana just sat there tho hole time like confused as shit like 🤣🤣
Andres Rivero
Andres Rivero Pred 10 dnevi
Increíble Charizard . Saludos desde Tarija Bolivia 🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴
Skyler Pred 10 dnevi
150 000 isn’t a quarter million lol
marko simic
marko simic Pred 10 dnevi
trading pokemon > going 8 rounds with mayweather. Legend
BlaZiN718 Pred 10 dnevi
O ya
Brian Bradshaw
Brian Bradshaw Pred 10 dnevi
Don't let Floyd mayweather get them lol
sua808 Pred 10 dnevi
The 150k was nothing becuz he just got 10mil from the fight
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