Jake Paul Warned You. 

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Who said he was a bad guy?
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.



8. jul. 2020

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Loud Grand
Loud Grand Pred 14 urami
My respect for jake when he had that Metallica shirt on 📈📈📈
gil Shoresh
gil Shoresh Pred 3 dnevi
You don’t ship merch to Israel?!? Wtf
ahmed shahzad
ahmed shahzad Pred 8 dnevi
"some1 call 119"
Puro Trokiando
Puro Trokiando Pred 9 dnevi
He has so much money and a big ass house and he can’t buy his car own g wagon
7 Croze
7 Croze Pred 10 dnevi
JayBiccs Pred 11 dnevi
Xavier Guiao
Xavier Guiao Pred 17 dnevi
The shark skit reminds me of zoosh
José Alejandro Redondo
4:25 WWE united kingdom champion WALTER
Lisa Simpson girl
Lisa Simpson girl Pred 22 dnevi
Hm, the products are high quality 👍
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Pred 24 dnevi
It revived your career 🤣
PROJECT 101 Pred 27 dnevi
Love the green dress 😂😂
Matthew Gaffoor
Matthew Gaffoor Pred 28 dnevi
Lenny Montalbano
Lenny Montalbano Pred 29 dnevi
aye lets gooo my face is in the vlog guys!!!!!!!!!!
marlene kelly
marlene kelly Pred 29 dnevi
Never forget about mavrick
Cayde Parenzee
Cayde Parenzee Pred mesecem
Someone cal 119🤣🤣🤣🤣
demon king
demon king Pred mesecem
Walter snog form wwe
eli Pred mesecem
Jake is better on your channel Logan
Kian Yurick
Kian Yurick Pred mesecem
0:00 just tap this a lot and your welcome
Tristan Nichols
Tristan Nichols Pred mesecem
"ima go throw up, poop, then make out with my girlfriend... in that order"
Cameron Doll
Cameron Doll Pred mesecem
4:08 there is a Miata 😂
Ahmed Monsoon
Ahmed Monsoon Pred mesecem
Get your male dogs some female dogs. You’re smashing every day/week and your dog getting no action. Be a wing bro and get your dog laid
Regina Miller
Regina Miller Pred mesecem
Aidan seepaul
Aidan seepaul Pred mesecem
George= if exaggeration was a person
sdrawkcab Pred mesecem
Sharks do make noise
J. Bennett
J. Bennett Pred mesecem
God and Jesus are great read the bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before it’s
andre Pred mesecem
Arya ind
Arya ind Pred mesecem
She is shirt less
B N Pred mesecem
___ ___ ( ●^●) ___/\___ ........First trial
Aydn Luy
Aydn Luy Pred mesecem
2021 anyone???
claire duncan
claire duncan Pred mesecem
Logan "Someone call 119" aahhha
Kobe_X4✔️ Pred mesecem
3:01- 3:03😂😂🤣🤣🤣
ELITE P33P Pred mesecem
2:39 it can fix you remaining of your
kid kenu
kid kenu Pred mesecem
I feel like Jake and Logan would be so much more fucking entertaining if they had a joint channel or made all their videos together
Thomas_playzroblox Pred mesecem
bruh i just seen this vid now but july 9 is my birthday lol
Aric Milbeck
Aric Milbeck Pred mesecem
kong will always be king
Irfan Rhidoy
Irfan Rhidoy Pred mesecem
Best vlog
TTV sharkman
TTV sharkman Pred mesecem
Bro jake is actually a really good fighter
Parky Pred mesecem
I think broly is clout chasing
Give Bobux
Give Bobux Pred mesecem
2:38 I guess I have to buy your merch to revive my grandma he just pass away no cap 🧢
Maddox Ishee
Maddox Ishee Pred mesecem
I am so sorry♥️
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar Pred mesecem
Damn that clothing is actually impressive
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar Pred mesecem
Mav clothing 👀
jayden IsTheName
jayden IsTheName Pred mesecem
3:00 I shited myself 😂😂
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia Pred 2 meseci
Why did he use Walters entrance music
dekutiger223 Pred 2 meseci
Prithvi Prabhakar
Prithvi Prabhakar Pred 2 meseci
Logan. What good where are new vlog man?
J Cooney
J Cooney Pred 2 meseci
0:23 aww 😭😭😭
Pokemon kid
Pokemon kid Pred 2 meseci
I know you're in Law and Order the show
WhiteIce Pred 2 meseci
Hi me
Rambo Singh
Rambo Singh Pred 2 meseci
love how your a million times humbler than your brother . money doesn’t change everyone
spillzz 123
spillzz 123 Pred 2 meseci
God bless
Jacquelyn Aldrete
Jacquelyn Aldrete Pred 2 meseci
Myth0 Pred 2 meseci
(Box says handle with care) Jake and logan: lets pretend we didn’t saw that.
NiftyNate10 Pred 2 meseci
Hayden didn’t even bother to edit the green man moving the shark I mean what man
NiftyNate10 Pred 2 meseci
Never worry Jake Paul is here for the 100/10 jokes
Elizabeth Godinez
Elizabeth Godinez Pred 2 meseci
Logan like three years ago you looked so young now you look so better does anyone agree
Vanessa Knight
Vanessa Knight Pred 3 meseci
Fun best ever cool
همه چیز از همه جا
Love your brotherhood.
A L I E N Gaming - Jack
1:22 Mully wanted him to eat a head of lettuce
WhiteIce Pred 3 meseci
What u gonna do with that ugly as bus
Exo Ay3
Exo Ay3 Pred 3 meseci
I love when logan and jake do vids together
hamid shafi
hamid shafi Pred 3 meseci
If y’all know or have watched One Piece, you’d know that the music @ 4:07 was from One Piece (Alabasta). For all of you OG’s who’ve seen One Piece!!! (ALABASTA ARC EPISODE 126)
Disney Vision
Disney Vision Pred 3 meseci
I don’t think that’s how green screen works 😂
Team Tj
Team Tj Pred 3 meseci
Jake is so much fun filming with logan.
crayz_anonymous _ jz
crayz_anonymous _ jz Pred 3 meseci
What's his girlfriend's Instagram???
R Veroneca
R Veroneca Pred 3 meseci
I felt really bad for Logan’s dog on camera walking alone... Was anyone there to watch him while the rest traveled? His dog doesn’t understand and could be feeling abandoned and confused... If someone could watch him when the rest leave they could provide distraction and potentially lessen any stress that comes in that situation :(
Jane Kapaya
Jane Kapaya Pred 3 meseci
Jake Paul warned you he is an idiot?
Sean Field
Sean Field Pred 3 meseci
4:08 MIATA
Shuaib Hassan
Shuaib Hassan Pred 3 meseci
Jake with the jokes 😂
Xilicous Gaming
Xilicous Gaming Pred 3 meseci
That career reviving joke at 2:35 was actually bare funny 😂😂
TREJAN CRIGER Pred 3 meseci
Sharks don’t make noise? Insert clip of jaws the revenge 😂
Schmevan Pred 3 meseci
Where is Justin y.
Pavel Jandejsek
Pavel Jandejsek Pred 4 meseci
Antonín Dvořák Czech vi von zulul
Max Blok Servant
Max Blok Servant Pred 4 meseci
Damn... that shit was "Jaw"dropping....
dylanjones761 Pred 4 meseci
sometimes.. just sometimes.. jakes not a wanker
FacelessAngel Pred 4 meseci
Why is jake not jake when he's on logans vids? He would be amazing if he was like this his whole career for me Logan is definitely wayy better than what he was ...its the beard...
ScytheZenith Pred 4 meseci
4:06 music when logan is carrying the shark?
Random Person
Random Person Pred 3 meseci
Just put Walter’s theme song it is the easiest thing
Omyg Teo
Omyg Teo Pred 4 meseci
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Pred 4 meseci
Your gf looks like jade goody
Pranav Ingle
Pranav Ingle Pred 4 meseci
Logan Paul can do better than Josie
Darvin jamal
Darvin jamal Pred 4 meseci
You. Ar. Vr. Rrs
Parker Clouser
Parker Clouser Pred 4 meseci
Sharks make login is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
Drew Dyer
Drew Dyer Pred 4 meseci
I really hope there was a good reason to break up with Josie... potential first rounder’s. Be better LP
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Andrew Humphreys II 777
Spinosate drench
R-Y-02 Pred 4 meseci
I have no idea how they got Logan yeti out of jakes house 😂😂😂
Valentine Mcdonald
Valentine Mcdonald Pred 4 meseci
And I want to get one
Valentine Mcdonald
Valentine Mcdonald Pred 4 meseci
Hey uhh...Logan can u lower the price for ur crew necks or sweaters to like 58.98$ or something plz because I come from a sort of "poor" family
Jacob Lang
Jacob Lang Pred 4 meseci
JumbleMT Pred 4 meseci
"Can you get it back to me Friday" The shoot is Saturday .."Can you get it back to me Monday?" 🤣🤣
Safiyan Ali
Safiyan Ali Pred 4 meseci
Minecraft bedrock puppy
Drymz Pred 4 meseci
4:26 Had me diein bro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anamika Kumal
Anamika Kumal Pred 4 meseci
Is it weird to be a fan of Logan and KSI at the same time
신후 Pred 4 meseci
I like Jakes korean shirt 👕
UnlistedLuca Pred 4 meseci
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ricky Bobby
Ricky Bobby Pred 4 meseci
0:22 - 0:26 made me go hug my dog
aburritoboi Pred 4 meseci
So he still out here admitting he ruined 2018
SharkBoy Pred 4 meseci
I love letis
Vex Godly
Vex Godly Pred 4 meseci
Broley howling sounds like an f1 car
unknown ???
unknown ??? Pred 5 meseci
If the merchant can do that do Kong next at his grave
Silly Rook
Silly Rook Pred 5 meseci
Tbh I used to hate u but tbh it looks like ur doin pretty go- ok so u drove a car into ur house Wh- ok fine ur still more chill then before ok ngl the shark part was funny
I Hate Jake Paul.
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The NFL All-Rookie Team!
I Hate My Birthday.
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see you soon
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