Trapped With My Girlfriend At -202 Degrees 

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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.



10. avg. 2020

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Kot Pred 8 urami
Why is nobody talking about Tanner Fox jus casually chilling in logan's house
lego revew
lego revew Pred 3 dnevi
The dont be selfish thing had me
Night_Tea UvU
Night_Tea UvU Pred 4 dnevi
The intro: The Girlfriend: DON'T TOUCH ME!!! Logan Paul: wait bruh- lemme hold your *boobs* for you Me: WE'RE NOT EVEN IN THE 20 SECOND MARK AND THIS VIDEO IS GONNA BE BAD WHY AM I REACTING TO HIM
yeah tbh.
yeah tbh. Pred 4 dnevi
02:10 whew, so ugly 🤧 🤢 🤮
gameingwithty Pred 5 dnevi
Dude that’s not funny it’s weird
Jeronimo García Benanati
Prestame a tu novia?
Arbin Ale
Arbin Ale Pred 5 dnevi
3:22 Gift for my ex and hater.
reshmi prathap
reshmi prathap Pred 6 dnevi
y are you SIBYdo
Musa Ali Nas
Musa Ali Nas Pred 7 dnevi
Enes batur mu logınpoıl mı enes batur çok güzel vidyolar çekiyorsun😃
JayBiccs Pred 11 dnevi
Gabe McAfee
Gabe McAfee Pred 12 dnevi
How do I get one of those hats 😭😭😭😭
rigormortiz Pred 13 dnevi
Do it with a child
Rollie Zabala
Rollie Zabala Pred 13 dnevi
I'm a new fan from the Philippines You are awesome Logan
Optimum Venatus - Brawl Stars & Wild Rift
Give your editor Hayden a raise
Joseph Cook
Joseph Cook Pred 15 dnevi
Here after they broke up, still don’t know why they broke up
BAD CONTENT Pred 16 dnevi
I love this new logan
Tatyana Thompson
Tatyana Thompson Pred 20 dnevi
Aweeee not the “you’re doing great babe”🥺🥺🥺 I want thatttt😭
Brendan Colbert✔
Brendan Colbert✔ Pred 20 dnevi
Why was logans mouth censord in the beggining
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred 27 dnevi
Thomas Kahdeman
Thomas Kahdeman Pred 27 dnevi
Why why why why did you do this tik tok you were supposed to be on the side of SLtv not tik tok
the sherlock holmes fan
On all his vlogs
the sherlock holmes fan
I was laughing my nuts off 😂😂
Xbox_Prince5308 Pred mesecem
Aziz fk
Aziz fk Pred mesecem
Eminy Ava
Eminy Ava Pred mesecem
It’s sad about the maverick merch...I still miss him 😭
Cayden Chin
Cayden Chin Pred mesecem
When See The Picture In Front BUT I Have Not Seen The Tittle I Thought It Says Today I'm Gonna Sex Her In A Secret Spot Having Sex😂😂😂
Nuts with Wings
Nuts with Wings Pred mesecem
0:36 this is why I will NEVER join the yt channel
JustAverage #1
JustAverage #1 Pred mesecem
Whatever happened to Ayo Goodmorning logang what’s poppin
Aarav Shah
Aarav Shah Pred mesecem
Gotcha hat
SMGL Pred mesecem
do i have to pay anything to join mav club?
Gifting Knowledge
Gifting Knowledge Pred mesecem
Still your GF not your wife👈😂🤔🤔🤔 why bro
dapnie's esposo
dapnie's esposo Pred mesecem
Ryan Goodma3
Ryan Goodma3 Pred mesecem
Telling u now.she won't be with u much longer when your face gets concave from money.come june
AJG Pred mesecem
Bro she broke up with hime months ago
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari Pred mesecem
I’ve never liked you or your brother , but when jake disrespected his own brother . Made me feel bad
DJ J5 :
DJ J5 : Pred mesecem
Bro what the fuck I’m watching
TeeX Pred mesecem
the name changed like 2 days ago lol
J. Bennett
J. Bennett Pred mesecem
God and Jesus are great read the bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before it’s to
MfGypsy OFFICIAL Pred mesecem
0:19 gotcha hat
Daily dose of gaming
I dare Logan Paul to go on vacation to South Africa and try biltong.
darkzy benjuyt
darkzy benjuyt Pred mesecem
If u are depresed just remember logans videos have a like and subscribe button
La Reyna Y El Principe
Soham Gite
Soham Gite Pred mesecem
Logan is colour blind yet he told the names of all the colours🤨🤨😯
mikaylah Silva
mikaylah Silva Pred mesecem
omgggg his private part showed when it was blurred ew
Punjabi Kalol
Punjabi Kalol Pred mesecem
Jeez 🦾❤
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar Pred mesecem
🐐 Logan for the donation
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar Pred mesecem
Those hats are fire 🔥
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams Pred 2 meseci
Is Tanner living there or was he just there?
Reece Pred 2 meseci
wait he got a new bird😃
Sammy Jade
Sammy Jade Pred 2 meseci
Literally I love seeing this for Logan, he has grown so much
mama mami 1234 yeet
mama mami 1234 yeet Pred 26 dnevi
@Ayush Kumar thats cool😂
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Pred mesecem
sithaarth maheshwaran
sithaarth maheshwaran Pred 2 meseci
So this is what "RiCh PeOpLe" do for entertainment...
Alishia Hawken
Alishia Hawken Pred 2 meseci
hi my name is chicka chicka ( ) comment what comes next its a eminem song
Kloppy Jok
Kloppy Jok Pred mesecem
Slim shady
Alishia Hawken
Alishia Hawken Pred 2 meseci
no joke
Alishia Hawken
Alishia Hawken Pred 2 meseci
if you do it 100 $
Aka_ pro
Aka_ pro Pred 2 meseci
PopMasterAlan Pred 2 meseci
Worst person alive
Big Feet Yoda
Big Feet Yoda Pred 2 meseci
“Stop don’t touch me!” “Babe I’m holding your boobs for you” Logan Paul 2020
THE Nooby
THE Nooby Pred 2 meseci
btw that dick painting was sick👌
Han Solo
Han Solo Pred 2 meseci
He defetnetly put it In
Mark Sturgeon
Mark Sturgeon Pred 2 meseci
JJ punched some good content into him
Hi There
Hi There Pred 2 meseci
What a Jerk ! ! ! !
spillzz 123
spillzz 123 Pred 2 meseci
God bless
Smïte FX
Smïte FX Pred 2 meseci
What The Fuck Is that
Adib Ahmed
Adib Ahmed Pred 2 meseci
All of his friends have seen Josie's babuchkas
Carlyanne Dunn
Carlyanne Dunn Pred 2 meseci
Love the 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Amin Haciyev
Amin Haciyev Pred 2 meseci
TheKingSpeaks Pred 2 meseci
bitch -202 isn't even frostbite level ya'll fr ice-aging yourselves lmao
Sasha Al
Sasha Al Pred 2 meseci
اللهم انك سلطت علينا عدواً بصيراً بعيوبنا مطلعاً على عوراتنا يرانا هو وقبيله من حيث لانراهم اللهم فأيْسهُ منا كما أيسته من رحمتك وقنطه منا كما قنطته من عفوك وباعد بيننا وبينه كما باعدت بينه وبين جنتك 🤲🏻 ❤️ اللهم اني اعوذ بك من الهم و الحزن و العجز و الكسل و البخل و الجبن و اعوذ بك من غلبة الدين و قهر الرجال🤲🏻❤️ سبحان الله و بحمده الحمد لله ولا اله الا الله و الله اكبر تبارك الله استغفر الله العظيم و اتوب اليه اللهم صلى وسلم على نبينا محمد❤️
E H Pred 3 meseci
I just wanna say one thing.... people say they dont like logan, tf did LOGAN do its his brother thats just f*cking messed up istg he NEEDS to be age restricted not logan he didnt do anything but at least care about being demonetized other then his brother. Even though logan might be pg13 and he has a bunch of like 9-10 yr olds watching his brother doesnt give a sh*t okay?
First Last
First Last Pred 3 meseci
Fuck you all people saying shits about logan paul content. Why are you here and watching him if you dont like his content in the first place? And now praising his content because it got good than before like wtf? If you do not like his content then why are you here? Immatures internet weebs!
the guy who sell,s dounuts
yoo does evryone see how meny dislikes jake pauls vids get
Sheila Archilta
Sheila Archilta Pred 3 meseci
Lana spelt backwards is anal wtf
ItsJerome ANA
ItsJerome ANA Pred 3 meseci
I love yat
Rodrigo Medina
Rodrigo Medina Pred 3 meseci
Lovu logan
oyun Pro
oyun Pro Pred 3 meseci
Tanıyor musun
oyun Pro
oyun Pro Pred 3 meseci
Enes Batur
Умуд,Umud Pred 3 meseci
Tommy Hedley
Tommy Hedley Pred 3 meseci
thought he said retarded lol
César nobrega
César nobrega Pred 3 meseci
this video is inappropriate 😔
Alexander Pred 3 meseci
시발 이게뭐냐? 스토리보고 왔는데 미친놈이구만? 나보다더
Unknown Pred 3 meseci
You know what lowkey missing old childish insensitive Logan paul
Davis Bates
Davis Bates Pred 3 meseci
Definitely has gotten better. He used to be soooo bad
Bjorn Veldhuis
Bjorn Veldhuis Pred 3 meseci
Why did he blure his mouth around 0.18
Jeffrey Hale
Jeffrey Hale Pred 3 meseci
Low key guys subscribe to Logan
Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox Pred 3 meseci
The snobbish hair spectacularly ruin because community concurrently blind before a third base. female fertile, witty humidity
Anderas Banke
Anderas Banke Pred 3 meseci
What Now
What Now Pred 3 meseci
Logans girlfriend sounds like Tracey De Santa. If you know you know.
Xkissandmakeup X
Xkissandmakeup X Pred 3 meseci
I thought that was greta in the thumb nail then
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
then again
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
ok i accept
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
ship it
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
i can direct
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
crap aim
Antony Konnarides
Antony Konnarides Pred 3 meseci
they do
SpaceMan Films
SpaceMan Films Pred 3 meseci
Natasha battle
Natasha battle Pred 3 meseci
yeah that was sick
white dynamic
white dynamic Pred 3 meseci
the beginning is that thing my dad would see on the camera in the house and my dad always sees me doing something bad
Chris Hoppo
Chris Hoppo Pred 3 meseci
hey logan
Dominic Ferro
Dominic Ferro Pred 3 meseci
The painting hahahah
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